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Open Labs Hackerspace is depended on your donations and your support to continue it's work. If you want to support us, please consider donating to ensure the continuity of our work. |main-box1-title=Location





Rruga Pjetër Budi Nr.67
1000 Tirana, Albania

E-mail: info [AT] [DOT] cc

|main-box3-title= Find us online



|s1-box1-title=Join |s1-box1-content=Becoming a member at Open Labs is free (as in free beer). Anyone who has contributed in the last 3 month and is over 16 years old can apply to become a member of the community. Contributions can be of all kinds, whether technical or not, whether virtual or physical in the hackerspace.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to join Open Labs regardless of their circumstances, so membership has no cost since access to knowledge should not be a financial obstacle. Of course, we are still dependent on donations, so you are encouraged to contribute financially if you have the possibility to do so.