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*'''The team'''
** Only proposals that have a fair amount of team members who can spend the appropriate amount of time and are part of the LibreOffice community are considered valid. Based on our experience, at least five team members are required, and those team members need to interact and communicate with the community. ''Please name all the team members, their role in the community, and their time availability.''
*** Team members for this application are Jona Azizaj, Silva Arapi, Nafie Shehu, Marinela Gogo, Anxhelo Lushka and Redon Skikuli. Almost all the members have experience in organizing [ OSCAL], which is a similar event with LiboCon. In addition, three of the members have also been in the latest edition of LiboCon, which gives them a very good overview of what is expected from such a conference. All the team members will be available to start organizing the conference from the time we will have a response about it.
** At least one of the team members should be working exclusively on sponsor relations, and on managing invitations for visas as required for many countries. Both of these tasks require a fair amount of time, and are crucial to the organization. Based on our experience, at least a few dozen visa requests, if not more, need to be dealt with, and you need between 10.000 EUR and 20.000 EUR in sponsorship fees. ''Please let us know if you have at least one team member willing to work on these topics.''
*** There will be two team members working on sponsorships for the conference, mainly on international sponsorships, since the local companies are found not to be attracted by FLOSS events based on our previous experiences. Also two more team members will focus on visa support and requests. All these team members have previous experience with such tasks during the 4 previous editions of OSCAL and other smaller events that feature international guests.
** The venue should be easily accessible from other countries, so ideally, an airport and a central train station are nearby. It should also have a good connection to the local public transportation. ''Please give details on the venue, its location, and its connection to public transportation.''
*** The venue is located in one of the central boulevards of Tirana, near to the city center. Public transportation is easily accessible from the venue, with buses stopping every 5-7 minutes at the outer perimeter of the venue (the venue is inside the Harry Fultz Institute area). You can take the bus "Tirana e Re" at the center of city and will take 13 - 15 min to get at the venue. since it is located alongside the small (main) ring of Tirana the venue is considered to be easily found and accessible. It is also the same venue the organizing team used for OSCAL, which gives the team a better understanding of what can be improved based on the feedback received from OSCAL participants.
** Ideally, there is one venue. In case you distribute the conference among two venues, they should be reachable by public transportation or foot in no more than 10 minutes. ''Please let us know in case you plan for more than one venue (except for parties and receptions).''
*** We are planning to have only one venue and in case we are going to need more workshop rooms we can use the spaces which are less than 3 minutes away from the main venue.

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