Raporti Financiar - Gusht 2017

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Thank you to all the people that supported us to cover some of the costs for August. Here is an overview over the August Budget

Exchange Rate as of 9 September 2017 (xe.com)
1 ALL = 0.00904261 USD
1 EUR = 1.20355 USD

Income Amount Amount in USD Comment
Patreon Pledges 95 USD 95 USD
Recycling Mac Mini's 60000 ALL 542,55 USD We recycled 7 Mac Mini's from 2009 donated by Mozilla as they were not used anymore. This has been done with kind permission by Mozilla's IT team.
Total income 637,55 USD
Expenses Amount Amount in USD Comment
Rent 25000 ALL 226,06 USD
Electricity & Utilities 3000 ALL 27,12 USD
Accountant 5000 ALL 45,21 USD
Health insurance for board director 9000 ALL 81,38 USD In Albania, every non-profit needs to employ at least one person. In our case, our Board Director, Kristi Progri is employed, for which we pay social security.
Drinking water 500 ALL 4,52 USD
Tripod for camera 35 EUR 42,12 USD We bought a tripod at FOSScamp Syros for our cameras
OSCAL Visual Identity & Design 600 EUR 722,13 USD This is an overdue payment for Kleidi Eski, our designer who did the OSCAL Visual Identity.
Digital Ocean hosting credits 25 USD 25 USD We were on the brink of having our infrastructure shut down, so we added 25 USD credits. Luckily DigitalOcean came to the rescue and sponsored us with 800 USD credits
Members Private Locker 800 ALL 7,21 USD Each member can pay 200 ALL monthly to have their own locker at the hackerspace
Total expenses 1180.75 USD