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How can i be a member?

To become a member in Open Labs Hackerspace, you need to have contributed in the last 3 months and you need to be over 16 years old. Your contribution can have various forms, starting from active participations on events that we organize, organizing your own event, contribution in projects that are part of Open Labs, cleaning up the hackerspace etc. Membership status can be gained by completing this form and in the first week of the month, after a simple verification has been made, will receive a confirmation whether you're accepted or not. If you have been accepted you have to come in the next hackerspace meeting with an ID-card. Every year in February all the memberships are renewed. This is done to separate active from passive members.

What are my benefits as a member?

  • You can participate in member only meeting where we take community decisions.
  • You can organize events about topics that fit the Open Labs culture. (open source, open data, etc)
  • You can be part of the organizing team for events such as OSCAL, Wikipedia Weekend etc.
  • You have the right to vote.
  • You can use the hackerspace even when there isn't any event going on.
  • You can be part of various community projects
  • You can take items from the Open Labs inventory, for a maximum of 1 month

Who can be part of the events?

Every one that is interested can participate in our events, and technical knowledge isn't required. We believe that everybody has the right to be informed and to be free in his/her decisions.

Are Open Labs' events cost-free?

Yes, participating in our events if free.

Where is Open Labs?

Open Labs is at street Pjeter Budi, building 67, in front of Bar Panorama. Here's an OpenStreetMap link ( )

Do you need to have technical knowledge to participate in the events?

No, you do not need technical knowledge to participate in our events, all that is required is your will and time to learn new stuff.

How many events do you organize?

Usually, we have event every Wednesday at 18:00(CET) and every Saturday at 16:00(CET), but there can be cases where we organize more or less events in a week. If you want to organize an event, write your proposal in the mailing list ( and find a free spot in our event list here:

What's the form of communication that you use?

Our primary way of communicating is the mailing list(, which is the primary place for proposing for an event, but we also use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We encourage the usage of the mailing list as a more efficient way of communicating.

How does the process of membership work?

Every end of the month, the "Committee of Memberships" gets together, a group made of 3 persons who will verify your contributions and in the first week of the next month, they will send you an email on whether you've been accepted or not. The Committee of Memberships is made of Anxhelo Lushka, Mariana Balla and Nafie Shehu.

How do i cancel my membership?

If you no longer want to be a member of Open Labs, all you have to do is send an email at with your request.