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== Ndërlidhje ==
== Ndërlidhje ==
* Forum (anëtarët): https://forum.openlabs.cc/t/fedora-women-day-2017/536
* Forum (anëtarët): https://forum.openlabs.cc/t/from-prototype-to-production-18th-of-october-6pm/714/3
* Forum publik: së shpejti.
* Forum publik: së shpejti.

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Akiko from Japan and Chris, from Germany, are staying in Tirana during October and they want to connect with the local makers and developers scene. During this event they would like to introduce themselves and their project called Mobile Garden, which turned from a hobby DIY project into a small company. They will show some pictures of the prototyping process and talk about the challenges and learnings briefly. Bonus: Japanese and local snacks :)


  • Kur: 21 tetor 2017 @ 18.00;
  • Ku: Open Labs Hackerspace;
  • Nevojë të marrësh laptop me vete: jo;
  • Ka nevojë të kemi dije teknike: jo;
  • Ka nevoje të kem qënë në eventet e mëparshme: jo;
  • Muzikë në sfond: Suede - Beautiful Ones


Do publikohet së shpejti.



  • së shpejti.

Raport i eventit

Do publikohet së shpejti.