FOSScamp Syros 2017

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The second edition of the summer adventure to spend with free open source geeks from communities all around the Balkans and Europe aside the beach. Four days of co-creation for the commons of the beautiful island of Syros. Meet new people, exchange ideas, get inspired, collaborate to organize this un-conference together with the ultimate goal of growing our communities and spreading the free open source communities in every corner of our region. This year we will take 360' photos of the island, publish them in Wikimedia commons and through a Mozilla WebVR workshop will learn how to create Web VR experiences with the images.

General info

  • What: Empowering the Commons in Syros Island through WebVR activities
  • Where: Ermoupoli, Syros Island (Greece);
  • When: 31.08.2017 - 03.09.2017 (participants will be at Syros in August 30th and some of the participants will stay until 06.09.2017 to enjoy summer in Greece)
  • Laptop needed: YES;
  • Knowledge level needed: basic knowledge for Wikipedia editing, Mapillary app (smartphone needed), Wikimedia Commons;

A typical day at FOSSCamp

You start your day with other participants for a coffee by the beach and organize the day together. Eat freshly prepared breakfast and start working in teams for half of the day. Present your work in the afternoon, party on the beach in the evening. Repeat the routine for at least three days.
Careful: this event requires active participation from your side!


You definitely need a ticket to join this event. Tickets are purchased online through: If you have any questions about the tickets process please contact the organising team: hello (at)


Ermoupoli (Greek: Ερμούπολη) stands on a naturally amphitheatrical site, with neo-classical buildings, old mansions and white houses cascading down to the harbour. The City Hall, where Miaoulis Square lies ringed with cafes and with seating areas under palm trees. The "City of Hermes" has numerous churches, including Metamorphosis, Koimisis, St. Demetrius, Three Hierarchs, Anastasis, Evangelistria and St. Nicolas. The Archaeological Museum has many finds and the Municipal Library contains numerous editions. The quarter of the town known as Vaporia is where the sea captains lived. Along its narrow streets, stand numerous neo-classical mansions.

Transportation from & to Syros

By plane: this is considered a very expensive way of reaching the island. Whst the majority of the participants will do in the
By ferry:


One apartment is already booked and with more confirmations for participation we will proceed soon with the booking process of the second one. The area where we will be staying is near the port of Ermoupolis.


  • Day 0 (30.08.2017): general information including safety briefing and planning for the next days;
  • Day 1 (31.08.2017): Syros Mapillary contributions, Ermoupoli in 360' photo shooting & OSM contributions;
  • Day 2 (01.09.2017): Mozilla WebVR workshop and contribution of 360' photos of Ermoupoli to Wikimedia Commons;
  • Day 3 (02.09.2017): More 360' and VR photos from Ermoupolis.
  • Day 4 (03.09.2017): Teams presentation & closing of the event.

Side activities

The organizing team has also planned some optional side activities:

  • Visit to the Industrial Museum;
  • Open air cinema.