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== Projeksionet ==
== Projeksionet ==
* Trouble #8: Hack the System (burimi https://sub.media/video/trouble-8-hack-the-system/)
* Trouble #8: Hack the System (burimi https://sub.media/video/trouble-8-hack-the-system/)
* Elephants Dream (burimi: https://orange.blender.org/), 9 minuta;
* Big Buck Bunny (burimi: https://peach.blender.org/), 10 minuta;
* Sintel (burimi: https://durian.blender.org/),14 minuta 48 sekonda;
* Tears of Steel (burimi: https://mango.blender.org/), 12 minuta 14 seconda
== Ndërlidhje ==
== Ndërlidhje ==

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(ka nevoje per perkthim) In the early days of the hackerspace we were also organizing projections and activities that are related with issues that we always talk about , copyright, public domain, open access, online privacy and of course floss. This has also exposed the hackerspace to other people that might be interested in what we do, but feel that we are too technical or something like that. Having said that, @boris and myself decided (after a spontaneous talk) to propose the organization of CopyFest Tirana 2018. The idea is that we are going to have projections related to issues such as open access, internet freedom, public domain etc, followed by discussions, exhibitions, music and some drinks/fun: CopyFest > docs | remixes | public domain | discussions


  • Kur: 12 janar 2017 @ TBD & 13 janar 2017 @ TBD;
  • Ku: Open Labs Hackerspace;
  • Nevojë të marrësh laptop me vete: jo;
  • Ka nevojë të kesh dije teknike: jo;
  • Ka nevoje të kesh qënë në eventet e mëparshme: jo;


  • do vendoset së shpejti.



  • Forum (anëtarët): së shpejti
  • Forum publik: së shpejti


  • Boris Budini
  • Redon Skikuli

Raport i eventit

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