Aplikim për organizimin e LiboCon 2018 në Shqipëri

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Ndërlidhje me materiale rreth aplikimit dhe konferencës:

Grupi organizativ i aplikimit

  • Jona Azizaj (sponsorships & financials)
  • Silva Arapi (speakers & visa information)
  • Nafie Shehu (volunteers & logistics)
  • Marinela Gogo (accommodation & volunteers)
  • Anxhelo Lushka (website & technical needs)
  • Redon Skikuli (venue & media)

What your proposal needs to contain

Note: Proposals missing the following information might be considered incomplete. While we try to give every applicant a chance to clarify missing information, there is no guarantee, since we have a very short time frame. In order to enhance the chances of your proposal, please answer as many of the following questions as possible.

  • The team
    • Only proposals that have a fair amount of team members who can spend the appropriate amount of time and are part of the LibreOffice community are considered valid. Based on our experience, at least five team members are required, and those team members need to interact and communicate with the community. Please name all the team members, their role in the community, and their time availability.
      • Team members for this application are Jona Azizaj, Silva Arapi, Nafie Shehu, Marinela Gogo, Anxhelo Lushka and Redon Skikuli. Almost all the members have experience in organizing OSCAL, which is a similar event with LiboCon. In addition, three of the members have also been in the latest edition of LiboCon, which gives them a very good overview of what is expected from such a conference. All the team members will be available to start organizing the conference from the time we will have a response about it.
    • At least one of the team members should be working exclusively on sponsor relations, and on managing invitations for visas as required for many countries. Both of these tasks require a fair amount of time, and are crucial to the organization. Based on our experience, at least a few dozen visa requests, if not more, need to be dealt with, and you need between 10.000 EUR and 20.000 EUR in sponsorship fees. Please let us know if you have at least one team member willing to work on these topics.
      • There will be two team members working on sponsorships for the conference, mainly on international sponsorships, since the local companies are found not to be attracted by FLOSS events based on our previous experiences. Also two more team members will focus on visa support and requests. All these team members have previous experience with such tasks during the 4 previous editions of OSCAL and other smaller events that feature international guests.
  • The organizing entity
    • The Document Foundation itself will not be legally or financially responsible for organizing the event. Although it will support it by any means possible, you need a local entity, may it be a corporation or preferably a non-profit, to take care of money and legal requirements such as insurances and signing contractual obligations. Another important reason for a local entity is the fact that visa invitation letters can usually only be issued by a local entity from within the country. Please give details on the organization, its type and its leadership.
Open Labs Logo
      • Open Labs is the Albanian based not for profit community that promotes open knowledge initiatives such as Wikipedia, Linux, LibreOffice, Mozilla and any free libre open source platform that promotes the free software manifesto. Open Labs is active since 2012 and has organized many events, weekly workshops, projections and activities with local and foreign presenters. Open Labs members are the decision makers and the board of Open Labs are the executive body. Part of the board are five members, where one of them is the president. The organization also has a permanent financial officer that overviews all the financial operations of the legal entity. The financial officer, along with the board members, are also is responsible to be compliant with Albanian law regarding the financial transactions.
  • The main venue
    • The venue should be easily accessible from other countries, so ideally, an airport and a central train station are nearby. It should also have a good connection to the local public transportation. Please give details on the venue, its location, and its connection to public transportation.
Image taken from the official website of Harry Fultz Institute
      • The venue is located in one of the central boulevards of Tirana, near to the city center. Public transportation is easily accessible from the venue, with buses stopping every 5-7 minutes at the outer perimeter of the venue (the venue is inside the Harry Fultz Institute area). You can take the bus "Tirana e Re" at the center of city and will take 13 - 15 min to get at the venue. since it is located alongside the small (main) ring of Tirana the venue is considered to be easily found and accessible. It is also the same venue the organizing team used for OSCAL, which gives the team a better understanding of what can be improved based on the feedback received from OSCAL participants.
    • Ideally, there is one venue. In case you distribute the conference among two venues, they should be reachable by public transportation or foot in no more than 10 minutes. Please let us know in case you plan for more than one venue (except for parties and receptions).
      • We are planning to have only one venue and in case we are going to need more workshop rooms we can use the spaces which are less than 3 minutes away from the main venue.
    • The main venue should be partially wheelchair-accessible, at least the room where the keynotes will be should fulfill this requirement. Please let us know how accessible is the venue.
      • The main venue fulfills this requirement, but if we'll have to use the other workshop rooms in the next venue unfortunately they are not fully wheelchair-accessible. In any case at least one workshop room will be relatively easy to have wheelchair access.
    • The conference itself is on 3 days, but their is an extra day before the conference dedicated to community meetings, this should be taken into account into the proposal.
      • The venue has very beautiful and interesting spaces to have local meetups, we can easily use it for an extra day of community meetings.
    • Providing canvas, projectors and rooms for two to five tracks in parallel, for a total of approximately 300 visitors, are required. Please let us know if your venue fulfills these requirements.
      • The venue does fulfill this requirement. We organized OSCAL 2017 in the same venue and had around 300 participants and 60 speakers from different countries from all over the world, and got very positive feedback on the venue. Also we can have five tracks in parallel.
    • Next to the presentations, there is often the need to have private meetings, so at least two additional rooms for that are required ideally already one day before and one day after the conference. Please let us know if you can provide more meeting rooms.
      • The venue has additional spaces we can provide for TDF private meetings, provided they are added in the agenda beforehand and the organizers are informed in advance.
    • Next to the rooms, there should also be an open space for community gatherings. Please let us know if you can provide such a space.
      • The venue has a big green space very suitable for community gatherings and also a very beautiful terrace which can also be great for gathering and group discussions, but also for small breaks of the teams.
    • A publicly accessible, free wireless Internet connection is required. If the venue itself does not provide wifi, an alternative is by using broadband 3G wireless routers. We'd also like to know if there are firewall restrictions in place that prohibit accessing services like SSH, Gerrit, git and others, and whether we can provide a TDF VPN to overcome such limitations. Please let us know by what means you can provide wireless Internet connectivity.
      • An accessible free Wi-Fi internet connection is provided by the venue and there are no known firewall restrictions. Should there be any, we would fallback to using a TDF VPN to overcome the limitations.
    • Having video archives or video live streams is not a must-have, but a nice-to-have. Please let us know if you plan video archives or live streams of the presentations.
      • We will try to have a live stream in the main track and record all the other tracks. Later on they will be uploaded in the official TDF YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the quality of the recordings might not be full HD but we believe it will be acceptable. If we manage to get sponsorship for this we will hire a professional team dedicated to lie stream.
    • Also, If at least one of the social events will be in wheelchair-accessible location, it is absolutely wonderful.
      • There are many places in the city which offer the required space so we will make sure to have most of the social events in wheelchair-accessible location. This will not considered an issue and is easily manageable from the organizing team.
  • Accommodations
    • Since we expect around 300 visitors, hotel rooms from three to four star hotels are required. Please elaborate on the hotel offerings nearby the venue.
      • Tirana offers a wide range of hotels with rooms from three to four stars. Sience the venue is located in one of the central boulevards of Tirana near the city center, there is a variety of options that could meet our requirements with an average price of 115€ per night.

Example: Tirana International Hotel ( starting from aproximately 122€ per night for 2-3 persons) Fredi's Hotel (starting from 60€ per night for 1-2 persons) Etc.

    • Offering couch surfing, motels, youth hostels or other means of free to cheap accommodation are a nice-to-have. Please let us know if such means are available at your venue.
  • One more thing...
    • Please describe in your own words why you want to host the next LibreOffice Conference, what motivates you, and what you expect from it.
      • Our local community of Open Labs Hackerspace has been working really hard during the last 5 years to promote free libre open source software not only in Albania but also in a regional level. LibreOffice is one of the projects that we have been supporting and the number of users and contibuters has been growing a lot during the last year, thanks to the different events that have taken place at the hackerspace. Also, during our annual conference dedicated to open source software (OSCAL) different talks and workshops showing the importance of using platforms like LibreOffice have been playing their role in the growth of the community. We would love to see this community grow even more and we would also love to see LibreOffice being used not only by the members of Open Labs, but also in schools, universities, public administration, public institutions etc. To make all of this possible, we also need your help, and a big step forward would to bring the LibreOffice conference in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. We strongly believe that this will have a big impact in our country and will strenghen our voice when trying to work with different institutions and propose them to use LibreOffice instead of proprietary software. We will work hard in promoting the conference also localy so more people from different institutions will come and see the importnce of using free software, but also students and professionals will be joining. We are very aware of this great responsibility that we are taking, but we all believe that this is one of those events worth organizing so we are all willing to put all of our efforts and make this possible, so let's bring the next edition of LiboCon in Tirana!
  • extras
    • Please write anything else that can support your application, like
      • Governmental support or support from other entities, organizations, corporations, user groups
        • We have a good relationship with the Municipality of Tirana and also the Ministry of Innovation. Their support can be useful in terms of local media promotion and also serve as a tool for attracting local sponsors that are more positive when decision makers are present.
      • In case you already have sponsors, please mention them and their sponsoring
      • Cultural and/or IT related events next to the conference (other events in parallel are no problem, if they do not distract visitors from the LibreOffice Conference)
        • There are no other Cultural/or IT related events near the conference, only small meetups that will not cause distraction from the LibreOffice conference.
      • The adoption of free software in your region
      • Parties and receptions that are planned
        • We are planning a guided city tour for the participants. Based on our experience with OSCAL (a free open source related conference we organize) this is a positive experience especially for people that have limited time to visit the city.
        • We are planning to organize one party (gathering) at Pazari i Ri, one of the newest restructured places in Tirana. It's a nice place to spend some hours drinking some beers with your friends and a safe place for kids to play.
      • Providing child care would be a nice addition to the application
        • We will definitely have a kids corner with a professional baby sitter only during the days of the conference.
      • etc..
        • In addition, one member will work on organizing volunteers & media relations.
        • One of the members will work on the technical part, such as the website, streaming/recording etc.

You may find useful information on the dedicated pad for conferences management.