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[[{{{link}}}|   ]]

This template attempts to superimpose an invisible link on an image. It doesn't work in Safari, in text-only browsers, and in screen readers for the disabled, and possibly other situations. The technique of using CSS to change page content also completely breaks an article's en:web accessibility by contravening a en:WAI priority-one checkpoint.[1] Please try to avoid using this template unless absolutely necessary.

See also en:Template:Titled-click en:Template:Click als:Vorlage:Link-Bild ar:قالب:Click da:Skabelon:Klik de:Vorlage:Link-Bild eo:Ŝablono:Click eu:Txantiloi:Lotura iruditik fr:Modèle:Lien sur image ko:Template:그림고리 na:Template:Click nl:Sjabloon:Klik no:Mal:Klikk pl:Szablon:Klik vi:Tiêu bản:Hình tượng zh:Template:Click