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Preserving Western Balkans

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'''===Oct 15 2020 (session about Tirana)'''===
*10:00 - Opening & Introduction to the event (how this is going to roll, the main agenda of the days to come) - Partners introduction (RYCO, Open Labs, IPKO)
*10:20 - Presentation on Tirana urban story, a brief history/ the issue of the neglect, we are dealing with in the project/ bringing some examples of these neglected buildings most representative of the different historic periods the city went through. - How it started with / how it created the soil for other platforms-initiatives like and why there is a need for a regional platform like
10 min Break
'''===Oct 16 2020 '''===
''Workshops in smaller specific groups to add materials about Tirana to the platform.''
* 10:00 - Opening (general presentation of the open source platforms and the way they are used in the websites)
 '''===Oct 17 2020 (session about Pristina)'''===
'''Link to join the online event:'''


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