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*'''The main venue'''
** The venue should be easily accessible from other countries, so ideally, an airport and a central train station are nearby. It should also have a good connection to the local public transportation. ''Please give details on the venue, its location, and its connection to public transportation.''
[[Skeda:Harry-Fultz.jpg|parapamje|Officina Oficina and Harry Fultz Institute]]
*** The venue is located in one of the central boulevards of Tirana, near to the city center. Public transportation is easily accessible from the venue, with buses stopping every 5-7 minutes at the outer perimeter of the venue (the venue is inside the Harry Fultz Institute area). You can take the bus "Tirana e Re" at the center of city and will take 13 - 15 min to get at the venue. since it is located alongside the small (main) ring of Tirana the venue is considered to be easily found and accessible. It is also the same venue the organizing team used for OSCAL, which gives the team a better understanding of what can be improved based on the feedback received from OSCAL participants.
*'''One more thing...'''
** ''Please describe in your own words why you want to host the next LibreOffice Conference, what motivates you, and what you expect from it.''
*** Our local community of Open Labs Hackerspace has been working really hard during the last 5 years to promote free libre open source software , not only in Albania but also in a regional level. LibreOffice is one of the projects that we have been supporting and the number of users and contibuters contributors has been growing a lot during the last year, thanks to the different numerous events that have taken place at the hackerspace. Also, during our annual conference dedicated to open source software (OSCAL) , different talks and workshops showing the importance of using platforms like LibreOffice have been playing their role in the growth of the community. We would love to see this community grow even more and we would also love to see LibreOffice being used not only by the members of Open Labs, but also in schools, universities, public administration, public institutions etc. To make all of this possible, we also need your help, and a big step forward would to bring be bringing the LibreOffice conference in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. We strongly believe that this will have a big impact in our country and will strenghen strengthen our voice when trying to work cooperate with different institutions and propose them to use LibreOffice instead of proprietary software. We will work hard in promoting the conference also localy locally so more not only people from different institutions will come join and see the importnce importance of using free software, but also students and professionals will be joining. We are very aware of this great responsibility that we are taking, but we all believe that this is one of those events worth organizing so we are all willing to put all of our efforts and make this possible, so let's bring the next edition of LiboCon in Tirana!
** Please write anything else that can support your application, like

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