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* Redon Skikuli (venue & media)
== What your the proposal needs to contain == ''Note: Proposals missing the following information '''might be considered incomplete'''. While we try to give every applicant a chance to clarify missing information, there is no guarantee, since we have a very short time frame. In order to enhance the chances of your proposal, please answer '''as many''' of the following questions as possible.'' 
*'''The team'''
** Only proposals that have a fair amount of team members who can spend the appropriate amount of time and are part of the LibreOffice community are considered valid. Based on our experience, at least five team members are required, and those team members need to interact and communicate with the community. ''Please name all the team members, their role in the community, and their time availability.''
**** In addition, one member will work on organizing volunteers & media relations.
**** One of the members will work on the technical part, such as the website, streaming/recording etc.
You may find useful information on the [ dedicated pad] for conferences management.

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