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*'''The main venue'''
** The venue should be easily accessible from other countries, so ideally, an airport and a central train station are nearby. It should also have a good connection to the local public transportation. ''Please give details on the venue, its location, and its connection to public transportation.''
[[Skeda:Harry-Fultz.jpg|parapamje|Image taken from the official website of Officina and Harry Fultz Institute]]
*** The venue is located in one of the central boulevards of Tirana, near to the city center. Public transportation is easily accessible from the venue, with buses stopping every 5-7 minutes at the outer perimeter of the venue (the venue is inside the Harry Fultz Institute area). You can take the bus "Tirana e Re" at the center of city and will take 13 - 15 min to get at the venue. since it is located alongside the small (main) ring of Tirana the venue is considered to be easily found and accessible. It is also the same venue the organizing team used for OSCAL, which gives the team a better understanding of what can be improved based on the feedback received from OSCAL participants.

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