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*'''The organizing entity'''
** The Document Foundation itself will '''not''' be legally or financially responsible for organizing the event. Although it will support it by any means possible, you need a local entity, may it be a corporation or preferably a non-profit, to take care of money and legal requirements such as insurances and signing contractual obligations. Another important reason for a local entity is the fact that visa invitation letters can usually only be issued by a local entity from within the country. ''Please give details on the organization, its type and its leadership.''
[[Skeda:OpenLabsNewLogo.svg|parapamje|Open Labs Logo]]
*** Open Labs is the Albanian based not for profit community that promotes open knowledge initiatives such as Wikipedia, Linux, LibreOffice, Mozilla and any free libre open source platform that promotes the free software manifesto. Open Labs is active since 2012 and has organized many events, weekly workshops, projections and activities with local and foreign presenters. Open Labs members are the decision makers and the board of Open Labs are the executive body. Part of the board are five members, where one of them is the president. The organization also has a permanent financial officer that overviews all the financial operations of the legal entity. The financial officer, along with the board members, are also is responsible to be compliant with Albanian law regarding the financial transactions.
*'''The main venue'''

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