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** Please write anything else that can support your application, like
*** Governmental support or support from other entities, organizations, corporations, user groups
**** We have a good relationship with the Municipality of Tirana and also the Ministry of Innovation. Their support can be useful in terms of local media promotion and also serve as a tool for attraction of attracting local sponsors that are more positive when decision makers are present.
*** In case you already have sponsors, please mention them and their sponsoring
*** Cultural and/or IT related events next to the conference (other events in parallel are no problem, if they do not distract visitors from the LibreOffice Conference)
**** There are no other Cultural/or IT related events near the conference, only small meetups that will not cause distraction from the LibreOffice conference.
*** The adoption of free software in your region
*** Parties and receptions that are planned
**** We are planning a guided city tour for the participants. Based on our experience with OSCAL (a free open source related conference we organize) this is a positive experience especially for people that have limited time to visit the city.
**** We are planning to organize one party (gathering) at Pazari i Ri, one of the newest restructured places in Tirana. It's a nice place to spend some hours drinking some beers with your friends and a safe place for kids to play.
*** Providing child care would be a nice addition to the application
**** We will definitely have a kids corner with e a professional baby sitter only during the days of the conference.
*** etc..
**** In addition, one member will work on organizing volunteers & media relations.
*** One of the members will work on the technical part, such as the website, streaming/recording etc.
You may find useful information on the [ dedicated pad] for conferences management.

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