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*** The venue does fulfill this requirement. We organized OSCAL 2017 in the same venue and had around 300 participants and 60 speakers from different countries from all over the world, and got very positive feedback on the venue. Also we can have five tracks in parallel.
** Next to the presentations, there is often the need to have private meetings, so at least two additional rooms for that are required ideally already one day before and one day after the conference. ''Please let us know if you can provide more meeting rooms.''
*** The venue has additional spaces where we can have provide for TDF private meetings, provided they are added in the agenda beforehand and are not last minutes decisions.
** Next to the rooms, there should also be an open space for community gatherings. ''Please let us know if you can provide such a space.''
*** The venue has a big green space very suitable for community gatherin gatherings and also a very beautiful tarrace terrace which can also be great for gathering and group discussions.
** A publicly accessible, free wireless Internet connection is required. If the venue itself does not provide wifi, an alternative is by using broadband 3G wireless routers. We'd also like to know if there are firewall restrictions in place that prohibit accessing services like SSH, Gerrit, git and others, and whether we can provide a TDF VPN to overcome such limitations. ''Please let us know by what means you can provide wireless Internet connectivity.''
*** An accessible free Wi-Fi internet connection is provided by the venue and there are no known firewall restrictions. Should there be any, we would fallback to using a TDF VPN to overcome the limitations.
** Having video archives or video live streams is not a must-have, but a nice-to-have. ''Please let us know if you plan video archives or live streams of the presentations.''
*** We are going will try to have for sure a video live stream at in the main track, and probabily also in record all the other tracks. They Later on they will be transmited uploaded in YouTubethe official TDF youtube channel. Unfortunately, the quality of the recordings might not be full HD but we believe it will be acceptable.
** Also, If at least one of the social events will be in wheelchair-accessible location, it is absolutely wonderful.
*** There are many places in the city which offer the requred required space so we will make sure to have most of the social events in wheelchair-accessible location.
** Since we expect around 300 visitors, hotel rooms from three to four star hotels are required. ''Please elaborate on the hotel offerings nearby the venue.''

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