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*** The venue has very beautiful and interesting spaces to have local meetups, we can use it for an extra day of community meetings.
** Providing canvas, projectors and rooms for two to five tracks in parallel, for a total of approximately 300 visitors, are required. ''Please let us know if your venue fulfills these requirements.''
*** The venue does fulfill this reqirenmentrequirement. We organized OSCAL 2017 in the same venue and had around 300 participants and 60 speakers from different countries from all over the world, and got very positive feedback on the venue. Also we can have five tracks in parallel.
** Next to the presentations, there is often the need to have private meetings, so at least two additional rooms for that are required ideally already one day before and one day after the conference. ''Please let us know if you can provide more meeting rooms.''
*** The venue has additional spaces where we can have private meetings.

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