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Note: Proposals missing the following information '''might be considered incomplete'''. While we try to give every applicant a chance to clarify missing information, there is no guarantee, since we have a very short time frame. In order to enhance the chances of your proposal, please answer '''as many''' of the following questions as possible.
* '''The team'''
** Only proposals that have a fair amount of team members who can spend the appropriate amount of time and are part of the LibreOffice community are considered valid. Based on our experience, at least five team members are required, and those team members need to interact and communicate with the community. ''Please name all the team members, their role in the community, and their time availability.''
*** Team members for this application are Jona Azizaj, Silva Arapi, Nafie Shehu, Marinela Gogo, Anxhelo Lushka and Redon Skikuli. Almost all the members have experience in organizing OSCAL, which is a similar event with LiboCon. In addition, three of the members have also been in the latest edition of LiboCon, which gives them a very good overview of what is expected from such a conference.
*** There will be two team members working on sponsorship of the conference mainly on international sponsorships, since the local companies are found not to be attractive on floss events based on our previous experience. Also two more team members will focus on visa support and request.
In addition, one member will work on organizing volunteers & media relations.
* '''The organizing entity'''
** The Document Foundation itself will '''not''' be legally or financially responsible for organizing the event. Although it will support it by any means possible, you need a local entity, may it be a corporation or preferably a non-profit, to take care of money and legal requirements such as insurances and signing contractual obligations. Another important reason for a local entity is the fact that visa invitation letters can usually only be issued by a local entity from within the country. ''Please give details on the organization, its type and its leadership.''
* '''The main venue'''
** The venue should be easily accessible from other countries, so ideally, an airport and a central train station are nearby. It should also have a good connection to the local public transportation. ''Please give details on the venue, its location, and its connection to public transportation.''
*** The venue of the conference will be OFIÇINA, the same venue where we also organized OSCAL 2017 and find the space very suitable for LiboCon too. The venue is easy accessible, it takes 25 minutes to get there with a taxi from Tirana International Airport, and 45 minutes by bus. If participants/spekers will be travelling by bus, they will have to take two buses, one from the airport and stop at the station at "Zogu i Zi" and then use the public transportation buses of "Tirana e Re" which leaves just 2 minutes away from the venue.
** Also, If at least one of the social events will be in wheelchair-accessible location, it is absolutely wonderful.
*** There are many places in the city which offer the requred space so we will make sure to have most of the social events in wheelchair-accessible location.
* '''Accommodations'''
** Since we expect around 300 visitors, hotel rooms from three to four star hotels are required. ''Please elaborate on the hotel offerings nearby the venue.''
** Offering couch surfing, motels, youth hostels or other means of free to cheap accommodation are a nice-to-have. ''Please let us know if such means are available at your venue.''
* '''One more thing...'''
** ''Please describe in your own words why you want to host the next LibreOffice Conference, what motivates you, and what you expect from it.''
* '''extras'''
** Please write anything else that can support your application, like
*** Governmental support or support from other entities, organizations, corporations, user groups

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