Debian Meetup nr.1

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Debian is an Linux operating system which is maintained by contributors and is based only in open source software programs. Some members of the Open Labs Hackerspace, altogether with Daniel, one of the Debian contributors, are organizing the first meetup to talk and discuss more about this OS. Some of the topics which are going to be discussed are:

  • Outreachy
  • Google Summer of Code
  • Support from Debian for the hackerspace
  • Discussing about upcoming Debian activities to be organized by the community

Everyone who would like to learn more about this linux distributios, is invited to join the event.


  • When: 21 July 2017 @ 18.00;
  • Where: Open Labs Hackerspace;
  • Number of participants: (to be added after the event);
  • Do you need to take a laptop: YES;
  • Are technical knowledge required: NO;
  • Is this event only for people who have attended previous events: JO.


  • Opening - 5 min
  • Short introduction with each other - 10 min
  • ÇWhat is Debian and how can you get involved - 30 min
  • Break - 15 min
  • Upcoming Debian activities - 20 min


Event report

There were 12 participants in this event and it lasted around 3 orë. Daniel Pocock who leaded the meeting helped people learn a lot about Debian by discussing different topics, starting from a short story of the project, he showed the principles on which the community is built and the ways on which other contributors might get involved. Some of the topics that were discussed:

  • Outreachy Program
  • Google Summer of Code
  • Different ways through which Debian might support the Open Labs Hackerspace
  • Mini Debconf Women

Some of the participants are willing to get more involved with the Debian Project and help organizing other events of this kind in the future.

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