Debian Meetup Nr.2

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Debian is a Linux operating system which is maintained by contributors and is based only in open source software programs. After the first meetup where Daniel was invited to our hackerspace, the Open Labs members are organizing the second Debian meetup to talk about this linux distro and to get organized about the next activities with the focus of growing the local community. Everyone who is willing to learn more about Debian is invited to join us at the hackerspace.


  • When: 28 September 2017 @ 18.00;
  • Where: Open Labs Hackerspace;
  • Number of participants: (to be added after the event);
  • Do you need to take a laptop: No;
  • Are technical knowledge required: NO;
  • Is this event only for people who have attended previous events: JO.


To be added soon


  • Silva Arapi
  • Redon Skikuli

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This material is proposed to be checked before the meetup: